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Being on the committee can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some of the perks of becoming a committee member:

-  Gives you a sense of purpose
-  Provides a sense of community and improves your inter-person relationships
-  Create great networking opportunities within the university
-  Learn new skills in leadership, event management, teamwork, and more
-  Volunteering looks amazing on your resume! 

Our next AGM will host the elections for our 2024 executive committee.

If you are interested in running for any of the executive positions, you can fill out the Expression of Interest Form below.


Must be a current Murdoch University student

Oversees the work of the executive committee to ensure it is compliant with the club's aims, goals, and policies. Further develop the club by networking with personnel from Murdoch University, The Guild, and other Esports and Games communities.

Vice President
Coordinates and Supervises the work of the executive committee while assisting the President when possible. 


Keeps proper books of accounting details with the property and finances of the club. Prepare financial statements showing all receipts and payments during their term of office. Prepare any necessary forms for Guild grants and oversee the use of the clubs finances.

Competitive Manager
Promote and work with our competitive eSports teams as well as organise and sign up for tournaments and competitions.

Table-Top Coordinator
Facilitates tabletop events for the community such as Games Day and work with the committee to develop more tabletop opportunities.

Games Coordinators
Creates and runs game-specific events per semester and identifies upcoming talents from these events and encourages them to join competitive teams. There can be multiple Games Coordinators that can work with different games (for example: League of Legends, Rocket League, Tarkov)

As well as the specified duties it is expected for all committee members to uphold a professional manner as they represent not only the club, but also Murdoch University. Committee meetings which are held every week during the semester and our Annual General Meeting (the big meeting for the year) also requires the attendance of each of the committee member
 within reason.




Studying Games Art + Design
Likes colours and geometry
Tay can be found playing League of Legends and keeping MEG
looking pretty.






Studying Forensic Biology and Toxicology
The tall one who can reach the top shelf.






Studying Global Politics with an Economics major.
Sean is often listening to music and is secretly building a MEG crypto currency...





Murdoch Esports and Games Constitution

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